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Straight talking, witty and pragmatic keynote speaker. Who said you can’t learn and have fun at the same time?


Keynote Topics

Ethical Leadership

In a world of compromise, ethics in leadership is hard to come by. However, you can be successful without compromising your integrity. In this keynote, the audience will learn:

  • How to stand out from the crowd by doing the right thing.
  • Building a strong, ethical culture.
  • Why it’s important to stick to your values.
  • How to be strategic.
  • How to set clear boundaries while leading fairly.

Unmovable Confidence

Self-confidence has the power to propel us forward or hold us back. This keynote explores the importance of confidence, why we lack it and how to build and sustain confidence. The audience will learn:

  • The power of confidence.
  • How to leverage your unique abilities.
  • How to change the way you talk about yourself.
  • The comparison trap and how to change your mindset.
  • How to find your voice and stand up for yourself.

Dealing with Difficult People

In life, we all deal with difficult people, whether it's a narcissist, a bully or just someone who is uncooperative. This keynote will give the audience the tools and strategies to deal with difficult people. The audience will learn:

  • How to identify and be aware of flatterers, bullies and narcissists.
  • Why silence can be a powerful tool.
  • Strategies to work with difficult people.

Strategic Connecting

Changing the way we approach networking creates a win for everyone involved. Networking is primarily about relationship building but it requires strategic thinking. In this keynote the audience will learn:

  • The difference between conversation, selling and effective networking.
  • How to create an effective strategy for connecting with people.
  • Networking in the digital age.
  • The spiderweb of connection.

Ethical Entrepreneur

In this keynote, Amanda shares her real-life journey of building a profitable social enterprise, proving it’s possible to help people and make money for sustainable purposes. The audience will learn:

  • Principles of sustainable growth.
  • How to commercialise community activities without compromising your values.
  • Using commercial principles for sustainable community outcomes.
  • Building an ethical profile and attracting your market.


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