Easy Guide to Working ON Your Business 1 Hour a Day

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Once you could just build it and they would come … more or less. But times have changed, business is globalized – and cut-throat -- and you now need to work ON your business every day, or you may find yourself with no clients or customers in the future.

Yes even if your business is purely referral based, you need to keep the referrals coming in … right?

Often the small to medium business owner is busy managing staff, clients and other items that keep the business going, however 8 out of 10 that I deal with admit they don't spend any time working ON their business.

You can easily fit in one hour a day working on your business if you're strategic enough with your time and have a clear plan on what needs to be done.

If you get up an hour earlier, cut out an hour of TV, or start saying no to meetings and events that aren't productive, you'll find that one hour very swiftly.

First let's cover off what is often called working ON the business -- but it's not, by any means...

* Coming up with an idea, or more than one idea, that would involve spreading resources too thin and distracting you from your core purpose/focus.

* Playing around on social media for hours on end without any tangible results.

* Attending an event, drinking alcohol and hanging out with your mates.

Here's your quick guide to working ON your business in just one hour a day

1. Attend a networking event that is attended by your ideal client. Spend the first half at the event learning about other people. Don't hang around if you don't have to. I get most of my networking done in just an hour.

2. Make sure all your clients and prospects are in one database for emailing.

3. Schedule social media posts for your business for that week (freeing up your 1 hour for the next 6 days to do other things.

4. Connect with 10 people on LinkedIn (and put effort into it)

5. Send thank you cards to people you've worked with

6. Write content! At least one article a month but one a week is more powerful. I can write an article in 20 minutes, however it takes practice. Remember to teach … not sell.

7. Share your content. Remember you can reach up to 100,000 people following this formula.

8. Contact the media. Is there potential for you to share what you know to a media outlet?

9. Set up processes that will allow you to outsource as much as you can so you can work on your business even more

10. Look at your accounts and/or visit your accountant. What are they telling you? Know what needs to be cut and also where your business income is coming from.

11. Take staff out to a coffee one at a time and find out how they are going in the job and also if there is potential to improve or try new things. Communicate.

12. Send out an e-newsletter or update on what your business is doing, who it's working with. Let people know that you exist.

If you need help with designing a plan for working ON your business to secure it for the future call me direct on + 61 432 49 02 48


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