6 steps to share your content 50 times & reach 100,000 people


Content is king when it comes to building your profile as an expert in your industry. This is how you demonstrate your expertise, tell your story, and engage the world.

You need to be producing high quality content on a regular basis -- and making sure as many people as possible see it and read it.

But how do you make sure you are leveraging that one piece of content as much as you can?

Here’s how.

Take your 400-word article on the 7 ways to do something (people like step related articles)… and follow this publishing schedule.

1.    Publish on your blog/website first

    • * Publish the content piece on your website and send it out to your email database

    • * Share via Instagram (if appropriate)

    • * Share via your LinkedIn

    • * Share via Twitter 10 – 20 times over the next week using different content from the article in each Tweet

2.    One week later: online publications

Send your article to online publications that are looking for content just like yours for their audience. This can be:

  • * Industry publications

  • * A friend’s blog

  • * Business related blogs or online publications

3.    Once published via this media or online outlet, repeat the sharing as per point one

  • * Share via your Facebook page and even Instagram

  • * Share via your LinkedIn

  • * Share via Twitter 10 – 20 times over the next week using different content from the article in each Tweet

NOTE: make sure you tag the publisher in the tweets so they know you appreciate the opportunity to have your content published.

4.    Publish on your LinkedIn

Three weeks after your original blog on your website you can now publish (yes publish as an article not just share) on your LinkedIn.

  • Share via your Twitter and your LinkedIn accounts regularly over the next couple of weeks. Aim for another 10 times.

5.    Video content

  • This one article is also now the basis of a future video you may want to produce.

6.    Presentation or workshop

You can also use this article as the core foundation of a keynote presentation or workshop.

Your one piece of content has been shared over 50 times, reaching up to 100,000 people.

IMPORTANT: Now it is VERY important to mention that in-between all this sharing of content you need to make sure you have other content sent out to your followers and database. This may be other content you have written or content (videos, quotes and articles) from trusted sources.


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