• BY Amanda Rose
18 Aug

Time is precious, and quite early in the process of building my businesses, I realised to achieve my goals I needed to be miserly with meeting time. This meant cutting many meetings out of the calendar, and ensuring the ones I kept were as short as possible. The 10-minute meeting became my yardstick. I wasn't universally popular in the corporate world for this schedule ruthlessness, but I soon realised that the people who did apprecia Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
11 Aug

The rules have changed when it comes to building a following. People these days are much more savvy and will quickly see through the 'salesman' approach -- which is all about scalability and numbers, numbers, numbers, when it comes to yielding a database. Sheer numbers do not mean you have a following. They just mean you have numbers. I have always been one who believes in quality over quantity. This doesn't mean you should not be Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
04 Aug

The term bullying has become more widespread over the years and for good reason. But there seems to be a lack of understanding about the difference between a boss and actual toxic bullying in the business environment — and about how you should respond. First, why does bullying occur? There are many reasons, but the most common is power — either a power imbalance or a threat to power. The bully is either on a power tri Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
28 Jul

Why do people say "don't go into business with friends and family?" Because it has the potential to destroy everything you've worked so hard to create sometimes within days the second the love is gone. When it comes to personal relationships and business you'll find the least connected or least powerful partner always wanting to start a business or project with the other person. Now in business this is a brilliant strategy although per Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
21 Jul

Forget about the old days when the only way to find the best staff was either the slog of advertising – and then trawling through a mountain of paper resumes and cover letters. Today, the job seekers and potential targets are all in the one digital pool with their accomplishments, skills and achievements easy to find at the click of a mouse button. LinkedIn is revolutionising the way we find staff. Without waiting for people to apply,  Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
14 Jul

Are you making the most of your social media platforms? Have you been using social media to genuinely advance your business? Or just as a way to pass the time? In this social media toolkit I’ll show you how to use social media to strengthen your networks and boost your brand profile; we’ll also take a look at some important social media “don’ts” and learn how to curb negative social media behaviour.  Read More

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