• BY Amanda Rose
13 Apr

There are experts, and then there are influencers. Experts know their stuff. Influencers not only know their stuff, but are the people we look to for expert guidance and opinion about it, and about their industry in general. Many of us aspire to become influencers, and when you apply the right strategies, it’s not complicated. In fact, it is relatively simple to do but it requires clear and focused strategic thinking … and Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
02 Feb

An arm of my business involves providing advice to other businesses on how to amp up their strategies. And it is some of that advice that forms part of the hundreds of articles I write, sharing that advice for free. However, every single day I receive requests from business professionals who enjoy reading those articles and now want me to address their specific problem with some custom-created strategies just for them — fo Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
02 Feb

Public speaking is reportedly the greatest fear people feel. And what’s behind that fear? Concern about stumbling, or being thought foolish, or not being a ‘great orator’. But the truth is that very few people are born great public speakers… they learn the ropes, they learn the strategies, and they develop better skills. They all started somewhere, and no matter what stage your public speaking is now at, you can Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
23 Nov

The number one reason why business owners or career professionals don't bother with social media is because they "don't have the time". Is this you? Yes? Ok so I'm here to tell you that you DO have time and if you don’t do it you are at risk of losing momentum for your brand in a tech savvy consumer world. Here's how: 1. Public transport Sitting at the bus stop, on the train, in the cab...dedicate a 5 min sessio Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
20 Oct

It is becoming more common for businesses to be functioning more as a virtual office or team with flexible hours than the standard ‘bricks and mortar’ office location and 9am-5pm hours. Technology allows us all to work with people globally and in an instant. But if you don’t have the right team, it will bite you on the backside. Here are some tips to make sure you have a “winning virtual team”. 1. Th Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
13 Oct

No matter whether you handle your social media yourself, or have somebody else engage with your audience on your behalf, you need to be careful about broadcasting the right profile perception and content. But that is even trickier for the latter. When it comes to trusting your social media to someone you need to ensure they understand your brand and when a crisis hits, you trust they will handle it appropriately — even if  Read More

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