• BY Amanda Rose
23 Aug

Small business owners often talk about having to invest into hiring someone to help them with their SEO. They are bombarded by SEO experts suggesting they build a new website, run regular reports and pay an "experts" thousands (sometimes per month) to help with their organic Google ranking. This is the wrong approach. Small businesses that have no intentions of competing with big brands on a global scale are better off inve Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
09 Aug

Content is king when it comes to building your profile as an expert in your industry. This is how you demonstrate your expertise, tell your story, and engage the world. You need to be producing high quality content on a regular basis -- and making sure as many people as possible see it and read it. But how do you make sure you are leveraging that one piece of content as much as you can? Here’s how. Take your 400- Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
26 Jul

Whether you are the CEO of a company or a small business owner, if the right people don’t know about you -- and hear from you regularly -- you are missing out on opportunities to build your brand and business. Building your profile is more than just appearing in the media. These days you have many more options and no longer have to rely on the media outlets to ‘choose’ your story. Stage one: Build your prof Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
12 Jul

Business coaching seems to be a booming industry. But unfortunately this means there are a growing number of people charging for business coaching services without delivering anything of value -- and in some cases actually doing damage to their clients’ personal brands, careers and businesses. One problem is that ‘business coach’ is now a term used by unscrupulous people who haven’t the experience or track r Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
14 Jun

They say the only thing to fear is fear itself. Okay, there may be many other things to keep a wary eye out for, but there is no denying fear’s undermining power to derail you. Fear is debilitating. Just the mere hint of fear can prevent you taking action, or hinder you from doing your best. One of the reasons we don’t succeed in business is not the fact that we actually feel fearful, rather that we let that fear control ou Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
14 Jun

Conflict in the business world can be very challenging. It’s always preferable to have everyone working together and getting along. That is why conflict can make the business world uncomfortable, particularly if you are the type of person who feels it is their duty to solve conflict. However, there are strategies you can use to deal with conflict in a productive way so it can work for you and help you build up a reputation for be Read More

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