• BY Amanda Rose
31 Mar

Branding is like the personality and integrity of a product, business or person. If your brand is perceived to be untrustworthy, not delivering on a promise or even if it is seemingly unfriendly to your market - then this can have a direct impact on your bottom line as people will choose to do business elsewhere. To ensure you have a quality "brand" for your small business, consider the following: · Google your bus Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
13 Mar

Would you believe it, honesty is now considered a niche service and strategy implemented by the leading (and soon to be leading) businesses. Consumers and clients have been "once bitten twice shy" so to speak, with the level of trust depleting by the minute with false claims, tricky marketing and sneaky sales strategies. The most common form of dishonesty in the world of business is deception and thanks to the Shonky Awards by CHOICE, Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
17 Feb

Branding for business has been around for a long time, Coca Cola is a good example of a company who knows how to expose and keep a long lasting brand. However, there is now a strong focus on your ‘personal’ brand, that is, how you are perceived by the outside world. Personal brands are more fragile than a corporate brand and easier to damage due to human nature and human error. Personal brand wasn’t much of an issue  Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
25 Jan

Why do I think networking is an empty word? Because networking is not connecting. Everyone is a networker these days. For some, the ability to have conversations with other human beings and collect lots of business cards suddenly makes them a "professional networker" Unfortunately a majority of these hopeful networkers seem to forget one important thing. Networking is not connecting. When walking past little pockets of people  Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
16 Dec

Women’s networking groups are popping up everywhere to satisfy the increasing need of women who are starting or running a business or want to enhance their careers. I have been to quite a few of these networking events and can see a common thread across all of them. Women are joining forces hoping to succeed by themselves. But is this really happening? Can women succeed without men? Most women join believing (hoping) other w Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
09 Sep

Do you hear other people say “I am so lucky, I get paid to do what I love – it doesn’t feel like a job at all” and you think to yourself ‘I wish that were me’? Well, what’s stopping you? I was raised with the motto “where there’s a will there’s a way”. Yes it may take you a day or 10 years to achieve it but if you want it enough and willing to put in the hard wor Read More

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