• BY Amanda Rose
14 Feb

Connecting is something we all must do in order to build business and keep our business relationships strong. However, not everyone is a natural at it. In fact, many people dislike the prospect of having to meet and speak to people to make those connections -- and therefore they avoid doing it altogether. But while networking generally means ‘meet and chat’ (usually while wrestling with some tired and tasteless canapes) strategic c Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
20 Dec

Do you feel like your 2016 wasn't as successful as you'd hoped? You had a plan in place, you followed it, and … still didn’t hit the targets and goals you envisaged. You're not alone. Securing new business is getting harder and harder these days, with every industry saturated with the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to options. You're competing with smooth salespeople or a cheaper option down the road. You're a Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
08 Nov

Once you could just build it and they would come … more or less. But times have changed, business is globalized – and cut-throat -- and you now need to work ON your business every day, or you may find yourself with no clients or customers in the future. Yes even if your business is purely referral based, you need to keep the referrals coming in … right? Often the small to medium business owner is busy managing st Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
25 Oct

Hands up all those who don't want more business... I thought so. Everybody wants to grow their business, and generally we're told it's a slow-but-steady process at best. But there are some strategies you can use to grow faster. If you're looking for ways to generate business quickly, be strategic and look around at what you have available -- right here, right now. Here are 5 ways to generate business in 7 days 1. Reach Out Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
03 Sep

Content is king. And, well… queen too. Always has been and always will be. It’s how you spread your word and brand, and it’s one of the crucial ways to attract new business and keep ongoing business engaged. So if you are producing great content and sharing it via your networks, clients and to the world in general you have a better chance of establishing yourself and your business as leaders in your industry. Without  Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
03 Sep

Every employee should be marketing your brand, even if they are not part of your marketing team. But there is a difference between classic sales marketing and the 'brand influencing' we're talking about here. The worst thing you can tell your non-marketing employees is that times have changed and they need also be “sales people” for your business. Instead, take the approach that each employee is a brand influencer. Employees need to  Read More

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