How to Prevent a Disaster on Social Media

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

No matter whether you handle your social media yourself, or have somebody else engage with your audience on your behalf, you need to be careful about broadcasting the right profile perception and content. But that is even trickier for the latter.

When it comes to trusting your social media to someone you need to ensure they understand your brand and when a crisis hits, you trust they will handle it appropriately — even if that means handing the reigns over to you for a while. And all the ways to do that are things you should remember if you are handling it yourself.

To ensure you don’t find yourself in a social media crisis for your brand or company, consider these:

1. Carefully choose who represents you

You can’t palm off your social media activity to just anyone and expect them to have the same passion and vision as you. Make sure you communicate clearly with them right from the start so they understand your brand and values. Test them for a set time before giving them full access and always keep an eye on all activity.

2. Don’t do what you can’t do

For example, if being witty and funny isn’t a part of your brand or you’re not good at it then social media is not the place to start. Stick to what you’re good at. And if it is being handled by somebody, don’t expect them to be instantly witty either … it will sound as forced as it is. Be clear about maintaining the communication within a natural manner that fits with your brand.

3. Don’t touch the electric fence

This is a term developed to represent not touching topics or subjects that are going to invite a zap or a big shock. Unless you’re a talk back radio host or it’s your brand to stir the pot, stay away from hot topics that will only result in you ending up in the firing line.

4. Don’t take it personally

Being an SME people can sometimes take it personally when a topic of passion arises or one that talks about their business. Be strategic and think twice before responding. It is sometimes better to be silent.


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