Are You Showing Compassion in Business?

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Have you ever been assailed on social media for making a mistake or having an opinion? Have you been snubbed at a business function?

One of the side affects of our fast paced society seems to be a growing lack of compassion for how we are treating each other in business. 

Let’s do our best to change this shall we?

This weeks episode of TheAmandaRoseTV talks about a scenario I witnessed on Facebook that is all too common. I would like to share 3 ways we can have compassion in our business dealings whilst still moving forward. 

I hope this little clip inspires you to become a leader for compassion in your industry! A quality that can strengthen us all.

Before you check out the video, I will leave you with this. 

 “Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up” – Jesse Jackson  


Walking a mile in someone's shoes, we hear this alot.

A simple concept right? So easy to say yet often very hard to do.

Do you actually take the time to think about what you doing before you do it?

In such a fast paced society we can find ourselves spinning on the spot looking for the next big thing or sale to keep us moving forward.

As a result we place less value on relationship building and more on relationship taking.

I think if we stopped to analyse ourselves on a daily basis we would be surprised at how we treat other people.

It is not our intention to be negative, rude or dismissive. We are stressed, tired, under pressure... but that’s no excuse.

We can make a difference in other people’s lives and business whilst being a leader in our own.

I recently watched this happen on Facebook. Someone had posted something  that didn’t sit well with the social media crowd. I then watched them systematically tear shreds off this person and disguised it as having a “valuable discussion”

No-one bothered to stop, and think what it would be like (to walk a mile in their shoes) for the person receiving such a onslaught of unnecessary negative comments. No-one was the voice of reason.

This was a golden opportunity to make a stand and be seen as a leader in that industry.

Here are THREE things to consider if you want to make a positive impact on someones life and business:

1. When someone stands up for something or makes a mistake. Before jumping on the bandwagon, think to yourself, how would I feel if this happened to me? If I were the one being attacked for having an opinion or failing at something?

2. Don’t despise small beginnings. Ok so you think you’re a big shot now right? You are starting to make money and being invited to some cool evnets. Don’t forget where you started. When you are at a meeting or function, don’t dismiss the beginner business owner purely because they haven’t “made it yet” - take yourself back to when you DID walk a mile in their shoes

3. Social media, don’t be sucked into the group attacks on someone who may have said the wrong thing. Instead, be objective and supportive. Try and be the voice of reason.

I am not saying you should become a push over, as as we all know there are business predators out there that TRY and take advantage of this approach.

Emphasis on TRY. They won’t succeed

We need to be the voice of reason and compassion.

This could happen to YOU one day.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle" Plato

Amanda Rose ;-)

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