Are You Carrying a Lazy Man's Load?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

That is, when you try and carry it all at the same time, dropping the lot, and ending up with nothing – instead of dividing it into manageable trips or cutting back into manageable trips or cutting back.

I see this happen in life and also in businesses all the time. We try and “carry” everything all at once, be everything to everyone. But soon enough, this load which should take more than ‘one trip’ or take more than one person overloads us and we drop everything – and end up with nothing, wasting more time and energy than what we tried to save. How devastating to have to pick up the pieces and start again.

Can we learn from this? How can you avoid it happening again?

  • Prioritise what you have to do
  • Eliminate time wasters
  • Niche what service/product you offer instead of trying to cater to all
  • Outsource what you don’t like

It is hard to ‘let go’ although imagine how less stressed and more productive you could be when you successfully carry a few things at a time without the overwhelming need to do everything. What can you leave behind for next time? Amanda Rose

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